Class Activity: COOKING

The student from Cuarto Medio, made an excellent demonstration of cooking abilities.

They chose the dish they wanted to prepared, Then they organized their speech and materials, and finally they prepared their dishes for the camera.

A great moment and an excellent work. Congratulations.

The Final Results

Recipe Igredients

The Lost Video

If you thought I had forgotten the funny and embarasing pictures... well, I didn't!!


Inside the TV studio.

The last details.

Humm... It seems to be that Marion was very hungry.

Ready to start boys!

Well, who goes first?

Ups... you see? Healthy food is much better!


Anonymous said...

jajajajaj... la fotito del pignacio sale re bien ... después cunado veo la imagen con más detalle y leeo lo que esta abajo me dio un ataque de risa... jajajaja.... fue tanto que mis padres me rateron xD..

Weeennaa profesorr siga así !
yo soy la palta de mexico xDDDD..mira la poleraa por si no le cruge ^^

Anonymous said...

That was a cool day,
we are eat so much;
And all the food was delicious.

Anonymous said...

Postea en inglés Pájaro!!!!!

Anonymous said...

olle pajara da lo mismo !!! xD