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These are some of the pictures I took in classes.

Enjoy or suffer!

Task 11: 'Jokes in English'


A Birthday Cake

A man wanted to celebrate his wife's birthday by throwing a party. So he went to order a birthday cake. The baker asked him what message to put on the cake. He thought for a while and said, "Let's put, 'You are not getting older, you are getting better' on the cake".
The baker then asked, "How do you want me to arrange it?" The man replied, "Well, put 'You are not getting older', at the top and 'you are getting better' at the bottom.
The real fun didn't start until the cake was opened and everyone at the party saw the message on the cake: "You are not getting older at the top, you are getting better at the bottom"!

Geography Class
An elementary school teacher was trying to encourage her students to be active in class. While teaching geography, she looked at one student and said, "Stanley, go to the map and find North America". Stanley stood up, went to the front of the room where a world map was hanging, and pointed to North America. "Correct!", the teacher exclaimed. "Now class, can anyone tell me who discovered America?". The whole class shouted together, "Stanley"!

A Big Decision
A six-year-old boy walked up to his father one day and announced, 'Daddy, I'd like to get married.'
His father replied hesitantly, 'Sure, son, do you have anyone special in mind?'
'Yes,' answered the boy. 'I want to marry Grandma.'
'Now, wait a minute,' said his father. 'You don't think I'd let you get married with my mother, do you?'
'Why not?' the boy asked. 'You married mine.'
1. Tell a joke in English.
2. Write the underlined words and find its meaning related to the context. Deliver the meanings next class, on Wednesday, June 25th, written in a sheet of paper.
These are the last tasks for this semester so let's make your best effort and enjoy your winter holidays.
See ya!