TASK 1: Tercero Medio. Superman and the mechanical Monster


1. Watch the video
2. Post answering the questions below.

Who is put into prison?
Who tries to kill Superman?
What are there in the laboratory?
Where does the robot put the money in?
What does the mechanical monster steals?
Who tells us the true identity of Superman?
Who was kidnapped by the monster?
Does Lois know who is Superman?


Welcome 2008


Welcome everyone!

2008: A new year that brings new expectancies for you.

I want to introduce this blog, especially to the ones who don't know it.

This site was biult as a compliment of the sessions in the classroom. Here you'll find information, activities and news that help you to improve even more your English skills. There will be homeworks, tasks, projects and pictures of the activities you do in the class.

With this post I want to start with a little task. I want you post writing your expectancies about English and your future. I want to know in which part of your future targets the English language is installed.

You can send the posts up in the language that you feel comfortable...(I'd prefer English, but if for this time English is a barrier to express what you want to say, then say it in Spanish)

Well boys and girls from terceros and cuartos medios, I repeat my welcome and let's work hard this year!

See ya!