Waking up of a long long nap

Hello dear boys and girls.

During the first semester I decided not to work with the blog focusing in other stuff inside the classroom. But it was just enough. It's time to read and to learn how to give opinions.

Just imagine, you are the top students, relating to English, from the whole school (I mean, more than 3.000 students). You need to show that.

I have already chosen some texts and articles that you'll have to read and then give some comments.

For 2007 I was asigned to give lessons to the Elective Classes of Terceros and Cuartos Medios. For that reason I'll separate the texts and articles in these two levels. In the titles will appear if that will belong to 3º or 4º Medio.

Well boys, Welcome to the net.

May the force be with you... always.. (or at least for this year)

See ya.