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Toronto Police and Chilean Soccer Players Brawl

TORONTO (Reuters) - World soccer body FIFA said on Friday it was launching an investigation into a clash between Chile's Under-20 soccer team and Canadian police, while Chile's president called the police action "unjustified aggression."

The brawl took place Thursday night, shortly after Chile suffered a bitter 3-0 defeat to Argentina in a semifinal game at the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Toronto, in which two Chilean players were ejected.

"This incident is definitely regrettable and I can only apologize in the name of FIFA," organization president, Sepp Blatter told reporters at a press conference in Toronto on Friday.

"We have given the responsibility ... to the Canadian Soccer Association to deal with this matter with the relevant authorities and then to report in detail to FIFA," he said.

Toronto police briefly detained all 21 Chilean players after an altercation with the athletes as they headed toward their bus amid a throng of fans.

Witnesses reported police used electric-shock guns and pepper spray against the athletes, prompting Santiago to file a formal complaint through diplomatic channels.

"The incident is especially serious because, in our opinion, the Chilean delegation suffered unjustified aggression," President Michelle Bachelet said.

The incident came just two days after Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper met in Santiago with Bachelet to bolster political and economic ties.

"These international matches are hotly contested and often become very emotional," Harper told CTV News on Friday during a visit to Haiti.

"There are provisions in Canada (under) which the authorities review these kinds of things and I don't intend to comment any further."

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair defended his officers, who he said stepped in when a Chilean team member began to argue with a rival fan. He said the Chileans then turned their aggression toward police.

Tensions were running high at the end of the game when several Chilean players angrily confronted the referee over his officiating. Police escorted the officials off the field.

(Additional reporting by Rodrigo Martinez in Santiago)


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Teacher Michael Rossel said...


a) After reading the article, post a PERSONAL OPINION

b) The students from TERCERO MEDIO will ONLY post opinions SUPPORTING the Chilean soccer players' version.

c) The students from CUARTO MEDIO will ONLY post comments SUPPORTING the Canadian Police's procedure.

d) All post must be CEARLY IDENTIFIED. With Name, Last Name, and Class.

DEADLINE: Wednesday, AUGUST 1st, 2007.

Anonymous said...

- Well, I dont think the canadian police`s procedure was good at all, but their reasons are right.In those northern countries are too afraid because they feel a fear for any fight or strange thing that happen. Just believe me the worst things and tragedies have happened while "normal things" is going on.They are afraid and if a thing like that happen in our country (whith that disturbing fear )we had acted in the same way, Im sure. ( JUST BELIEVE ME, I HAVE SEEN "24")

written for: Fabian Mollo CH.

Anonymous said...

Carla Sánchez B. 4to E.

All this controversy that happened days ago, I think that was the worst thing that could ever happened to a Chilean futbol team.
I absolutly do not agree with the way in wich Canadian police acted, I believe it was overreacted.

But... on the other hand, they were just doing their job. Because, the chilean players should have gone to their bus in the last minute, instead of going to see their fans. That was what the rules said. So, the Canadian police arrested them to get everything in order.

Anonymous said...


Good first.... what it did the police of Canada were in the correct thing due to the fact that the Chileans began to discuss with the team rival, being this a serious mistake, and what more it in all this story "it is that then the Chileans for many fury for having lost against Argentina, he obtained satisfaction against the team of Police of Canada."

On the other hand the police of Canada have as aim of defending the umpire, who was expiring well with your exercise and whom they had to escort to the civil servants of the field who could be attacked by the Chilean team...

For my part the Police of Canada were in the correct thing.

Argument of Francisco Abarca
4to año medio B

Anonymous said...

first, we must know that the chilean players have the clearly order to go to his bus after de encounter. but,they went to see his funs.The rest is history..
the canadian police only were doing his job. if you are in a different country you must AGREE with the laws of the country ;if the rules said "after the encounter go to your bus" YOU MUST DO IT!!the canadian police have the obligation to punish all people that don't obbey the law.that is the reason for the canadian police do that,fot the mintenance from order and safety.the canadian police is one from the more extricts police in the world...

I think that the procedure was right but was a lot "excesive"...they
act without any control and only attack the football players,as if they were thieves!!! I think that this was the worst episody from the chilean football ,that deserves to be forgotten.

Ignacio Soto 4C

Anonymous said...

Eduardo gonzalez ibañez 4 "A"

About this theme I think that the players of Chile acted very bad, because they must to approach the bus for reasons of security,so they disobeyed this and the police had to act; the chilean team were uncontrolled by their previous defeat with Argentina; the canadian police could not control them and had to use the force, besides the players must to obey the laws of the FIFA and of Canada, the police must make fulfill the rules. When your you go to another country you must obey the rules and it will not pass anything to you bad. I wish that the players had more control, since they are the future of Chile

Anonymous said...

Hi! I believe that much of which it has been spoken on this subject
has be a exageration, and mainly those commentaries of Chilean reporter where is attributed the connotation of "unjustified aggression", certainly, is necessary to take a look in the fact of that the Chilean players infringed an order issued by Canadian police, the one of not approaching the fans, which reveals absolute responsibility of these altercation has been of the players, and referring to the subject of excessive aggressiveness which that the police acted, is to hope that our compatriots have reacted in same way, increasing and turning the situation more violent.

Anonymous said...

I think that this acts of violence not as a exageration, because the evidence exist in the body of the chilean players and more the vision of the all journalist presents.

After of the conference of the president of the FIFA , Sir.Blatter, I know that his intention is to blame a the chilean players for it occurred, justified the act of the Canadian police.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion The police action was very severe and they didn't have any prove that chilean soccer players were argue with a rival fan. Instead of cheking if everything was ok (nothing out of control), they reaction, of nowhere was so agressive and unjustified that even the players that were the affected people here, didn't spect that type of treatment. so the Police could resolve the problem of other way but they didn't want to, or we are talking about something more, racism.

Anonymous said...

I think these acts represent the violece of people who thinks have the power be cause they are in their country but chilean players were inrresponsable too 'cause canadian told them to not go there. but they didn't listen, but also was too much. what are they think they are. if it was for racism. shame of them ,i hope this wont happen again 'cause this could happen just ones i be cause next time could be worse. i hope those bastard die.

Daniel Lamilla 3ºF

Anonymous said...

I think that what happened to the Chilean Sub-20 team
was a total disrespect to the physical and emotional integrity
of our players.
In my opinion, I think that the action taken by the Canadian Policemen
sdiwas completely wrong...
I agree that, it's a different country, different laws, different costumes
but it doesn't justify such bad behavior enforced by the authorities of such country.
I believe that violence doesn't take us anywhere and the physical agression
towards some of our players is "unjustified".
The third place achieved by the Chilean Sub-20 team
was a triumph, and a "historic" moment for our country,
and to greet a fan is not a crime!!!
I hope that proper decisions are made to solve this problem!!

Carolina Muñoz 3ºF

Anonymous said...

i think that the action of the police
was very extreme, because the soccer players didn`t nothing bad, this action of the police is a demostration of latine discrimination

this is my humble opinion

w.lopez 3ºd

Anonymous said...

I think that the reaction that the police canadian had with the chileans was exessive.
They were very violent and abused
of their power.
Even if the Chileans have provoked them, they didn't have to treat the Chileans in such a violent manner, sinse they are only soccer players not criminals.

Evelyn Robles 3ºF

Anonymous said...

Jerzy Quintana G.
4º medio B

first that all, I think that the Canada Police operated correctly because, the Chilean player are frustrated for your defeat 0-3 with Argentina, they had an altercation with the athletes as they headed toward their bus amid a throng of fans.

Second, is a serious mistake of the Chilean player, to try of to attack to the arbitrator after of the soccer match

Anonymous said...

jejeje aprete sin querer publicar.

Jerzy Quintana G
4º medio B

Finally, this altercation, fog, the political and economic relations between Chile and Canada.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody, well, about this I only can think is that acting of the Canadian police was a disaster, since to use arms of electricity against people who tried to maintain the calm of the public it is a truly abuse. Without counting on the racist treatment of the police, it is not more than to say than it was a truely shameful act of the Canadian police, the unique good thing was that the boys of the SUB-20 are well now, but acting of the police, badly, very badly, Greetings to all.

Constanza Camila Flores Rojas 3°F

Anonymous said...

i think that the chileans have right for were do that did because the canadiens don`t have right for used electrick-shock gun because this is violence and the chilean did good but this were a exagerations for part of chileans

scott escobar 3ºa

Anonymous said...

As see it the police Canadian had very little criterion and verguenza by to have attacked the selection sub 20 by the only fact that they behaved with their fan tars well the defeat with Argentinean in the stage reason why the police bad volume removing it to it from there like prisoner and tratandolos brutally. for that reason single it leaves to a bad image of the police of Canada and the bad reaction that they had before

Anonymous said...

jjeee aprete sin saber el posteo anterior es mio

Carolina Soza Cortes 3ªE

Anonymous said...

Francisco Flores A. 4ª"A"

Good ... hello, I think that the Canadian police only were making your duty " support the order " . because the Chilean players only were arming a riot. Then the policemen was to apply drastic measures.The use of this weapon in this country this one allowed because of it they have not committed any infraction to the law.

Good Bye!

Anonymous said...

GooD nights.

In the matter, I think that the Canadian police had a behaviour very aggressive and they went to the extreme to use electro-shock on the Soccer Players.
Besides, was unjust to enclose them to all sub-20 in the jail.
I put in the place of the Soccer Players who more were affected with physical hurts. To the end, a third place isn´t bad.

Melba Challapa Cheriff.3ºE

Anonymous said...

With what said Frco. Flores. I disagree, because not only the Chilean players were arming a riot, the fans too.

Melba Challapa Cheriff. 3ºe

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the canadian police's acted good.
The Canadian police's must guard for the security because the chilean team were approaching to the fans and probablement for make disorder, besides the canadian police's warned their that was prohibited and that the chilean team must go to the bus for return to the hotel, but just that the player Vidal attacked to a canadian police, they had that take this position for warn that chilean team is revealed causing great disasters.

Anonymous said...

I think that the policemen canadiences they took a very aggressive attitude against the players of the sub-20 p and they should not use weapons electrisantesit was also something shameful for the children of the sub-20 the good thing of this is that the problem was already solved

ayleen pamela villca layme 3°e

Anonymous said...

Hi...I think that the Canadian police don`t are gulty because they only was doing his job and doing the orders that was give it to their and also the problem began for the chilean soccer players.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I think that our selection was incited to answer whit aggressiveness. But the principal reason is that the Canadians have us racial hatred. anyway, we are one of the best teams of the sub 20

claudio jara h 3º D

Anonymous said...

I think that apart from the Chilean people has ill-treated and humiliated to the Chilean delegation to affected tie since the Chilean selection was representing to the whole country. I believe that our country should intervene and to arrange the understood evil...
Daniel carraso 3ºF

Anonymous said...

Hello, my opinion about this topic is that the police canadience exajero much with the players of her(it) sub-20 and that problems like that deverian to be solved otherwise mas intelligently.

Joaquin rodriguez 3ºB

Anonymous said...

I disagree with francisco flores, I think that we dont NEED to wear uniforms because anybody wear the uniforms in the perfect rule.
So many students wear colured sweaters, or how they use their ties...

Dánica Mera 4 "E"

Anonymous said...

Ooops Ese comentario era para el Articulo Anterior!!!

Anonymous said...

I´m agree with the canadian police, the chileans
make a mess and they had to clean the matter, don´t lie to ourselfs chileans
sometimes we break the rules and then we come crazy (some episodes of our team
with womens and alcohol ussually go out to the public eye)

Dánica Mera 4 "E"

Anonymous said...

I think that the canadience police took a actidud very agressive with the teeneger of sub-20 .But also they were violent becouse they were very desappointed with the result of the match.
for this I think that always nust have a clean mentality

mauricio Ruy-perez.... 3"D"

Anonymous said...

I think that he players can give version of the occurrence in the fifa exsaltation for that not have a motive of arma problem . in toronto....
macarena mamani 3e

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