THOUGHTS: "Loosing someone who close to you" (terceros y cuartos medios)

To think of loosing someone close to us is something that we tries to avoid. Sometimes we cheat ourselves thinking that those people who we loved will be close to us forever. But one and the last step of every human being is to die.

This exercise want to take you out all those feelings about the death, about loosing someone close to us.

In few words explain your ideas about how you'd react, how you'd feel, what you'd do if we lose someone close. Try to be sincere and honest in your answers.

As an example you have a song below about this topic. It's a Eric Clapton's sad song about loosing a very close person to him. I invite you to research about this song, about the motivations that Eric had to write it and about who is dedicated this song to and why. The results of your research will be shared in classes.

Ok. Bye

Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven

DEADLINE: August 18th, 2007


Anonymous said...

Eduardo Gonzalez Ibañez 4 "A"

Well, about this theme, about the question, I don´t know , I haven´t thought about this in my life , but in this case I must try have
control ,very control , because I know that my family have been with me in that moment, the true is that I wish to be single too, away of all, I think that, I should remember my near relative,the moments in that him or her was with me.
I not that to say more on this.

( teacher sorry for the few comment)

Marcelo Valverde said...
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Marcelo Valverde said...

wow, this isn't a easy question, but i don't have a dramatic position about the death. In my opinion, when a person die his body is turning off nad his soul go to a place that can't be worse than this world. All the time the people says "why he die, he was a good person", but i think that es for that reason why the person die, like "he is good, let us remove him of this hell, he don't deserves live in this shit (i'm sorry)" and the person die. In conclusion, for me, the good people die and the bad people (the majority) stay in this world.

Is for that reason because I think that, if a a person close to me die, although obviusly I will suffer for can't see him anymore, I think that I will be calm and I will think that he is going to be in a better place. Wht place? I have no idea... but surely in a better place.

About the song, and whit this I finish, I saw the video, I understood the liryc, I love that song and long time ago a read about this song and about it's dedicated to the Eric Clapton son. If I'm not wrong, he had like 4 years and fell from a window of their department.


Anonymous said...

I really think is a very hard question.I just can not imagine me losing someone that I really, really like, but I will try to take it to a reality, well let us see: Now I^ve got a very special person with me someone who says things beautiful and that I am very special for that one. If he fades away (for any reason) I know I will feel much pain in my heart and I just wont be able to acept it. Yes. I know we are just a bit of nothing with a pair of "feelings" that make us feel humans and the life is just an lot of time that we know how to "live it"(and a lot of things that really do not matter now), but finally I AM A HUMAN and a will feel pain anyway. Everythong else is apart of our humanity something very useless .

Anonymous said...

This is a very difficult Theme to expose for me.
I see the life like an "Explosive Bubble", ready to do "boom" at anytime in everywhere.
I feel So much Pain if i lose someone close, because the love is the most pure feeling in the world, and , if i feel love for that person, the love is lose first, then, The body.
Eric clapton lose his son. That's the reason of the song.The very sad song "tears in heaven"...

Anonymous said...

I think that it is a difficult question,
I do not have lost to anybody,
but I believe this is a very pain situation,
I´m separated of somebody that I love so much,
and I cry much for this,
but I dream that somebody thinks about me
in any place.
I think that when one person loves to
somebody this love continues, is not important that
they are not close, his love lives in the heart.

Anonymous said...

.. omg!.... wow .. I think that i lose someone ...and is my parent or bestfrineds i thnik that...everyone it leaveme alone.. in one time ...and think very good in the topic... or talk whit anyone and find aout the problems.. or also to request advice.. of one adult... but i don't know to do if someone is to die. the firts questions that I have not thought......dont have one solution for these...

Anonymous said...

perdon por el atraso.

ouchh!! for be honest, sometime I think much about the topic, but I don't find the answer. then only I can forget me for don't to think in something that can hurt me.

I don't know I will do if this happen me but I know that I must to try of understand that it is a something that can't change.

Jerzy Quintana

Anonymous said...

if somebody dear ere in the haeven i feel bad and good because it would best in the haeven than in the this planet because don't would sad for troubles and don't worry for thing and wuold be free and happy

Anonymous said...

mas vale tarde que nunca(xD!)

sometimes I think what would happen if my family died. in the first place I don't know that not to do.later it would see the form to come out ahead, but I believe that it could not. it would feel indefenzo to me without them. for that reason I do not think much about the subject.

good bye, teacher.

francisco flores 4ªA

Anonymous said...

ufff... well, this is a song to throught deep in our hearts. I think, if someone of my dear family will dead, I will be with pain in my heart, but I can to overcome, because I know that they will be in a better place... cause I know they are will been just sleep the large dream in the tomb, cause this is one of the hopes that I feel real in my heart, just like said in the bible in jhon 5:28,29 (read it), and I thank god to give us this grand hope... that is soon....

many kisses to you...
auf wiedersehen

Lorena Sánchez
3ro 1/2 F

Anonymous said...

wow =*(
i don't know what to say...
it's so sad

mmm... i dont't know how it feels..couse no one of my family have died...but if my gandma dies. i'm sure, i would cry everyday of my life..couse i love her...i would die of pain...BUT i have soother and everyone too.
we'll have always a consolation...and about it i agree with my dear friend Lorena =)..."they are sleeping in the death"...i know that it's a biggest pain... but one verse of the Bible, in Isaiah 25:8 says that God will destroy the death forever...and he will dry all tear of our faces...
Just, we have to belive...

well..that is my humble and sincere opinion...;D

I inspired...:D

Carolina Muñoz

Anonymous said...

When I listened this song, remember the difficult that is someone close ,because the feelings involved whit that person are many and also know that person never will return.

Alfonso Pinto

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful and simultaneously sad song that I emotioned very very much, because I lamentably lost to someone of my dear family 2 years ago... My grandma, and what more moan is that I couldn't go to her funeral, for an economic problem in that time, as she wished. The pain and the affliction always be there, but it is necessary to learn (although still it costs to me) to live with that pain everyday...

Well, that is my personal and honest opinion...

Thanks Teacher.

Constanza Flores R., 3rd. F

Anonymous said...

The song is so emotional.
I would like to return the time back...because I wasn´t the chance of to enjoy and to appraise the moments with my grandmother, and now that I lost, I need her.

The song was dedicated for his son, Conor, after of to die when Conor falled from a balcony at the age of four years.

Melba Challapa 3ºE

Anonymous said...

for my the death is something normal and if somebody well-known mine dies would be very sad, but it would even accept yet the pain the world, because I know that it is part of the prestop of the life and know that nothing is eternal in this world, but hope that this does not happen in long time.

Anonymous said...

that song is very depressing to me and for this reason i liken't.

this is a theme that i liken't because make me to question all. point.

w. lopez

Anonymous said...

I dedicate it to my grandfather because non alcanze to despedieme of the, the one died in the abulancia that he/she went to the hospital and now the strange thing a lot.

Eric Clapton's dedicates this song to its son already dead he would like that its son estubiera to its side, the one is not able to aserse the idea that its son this dead and of this I take out for conclusion that it is necessary to enjoy your dear beings that are to your side a lot and to value them a lot for that is the only thing valuable that have.

ayleen villca 3°e

Anonymous said...

I think that the death isn't bad, i think that the person who dies will be better. The people that are close to the person who dies, are the that suffer.
In the year 2005 my aunt died, and the next day my great-grand mother died, too. It was very bad for all my family, in special for my grand mother.
About this song, I think that the motivations that Eric had to write it was the loss of someone close to him, and that this song is dedicated to his son.

Evelyn Robles.

Anonymous said...

Feelings about the dead?..mmm... i wrote a song about this ...but in spanish, i think how the dead is only the start of our real rest, in the life we only do things for be happy for 70 or 80 years if we are lucky ... but the real things who we got to the eterntity is the love,the honor , the peace and the respet...about the heal is one thing for acomulate more love , more peace more honor and peace.... i thing hwo the heal is very important because of this depend our long life for be happy and acomulate all this things that i said.

PD: i listen this song all the day and when i want to play blues ( i love blues) i watch the unplugged of eric clapton and the guitar festival when eric play whit others blues guitarist.


Anonymous said...

sorry i wrote bad this words: