SPEECHES: The most famous songs of all times

Last Wednesday, November 21 the students from Elective Class of English (11th graders) started the sessions of speeches en English. This year the theme was The most famous songs of all times.
The activity consisted in choose one of these songs and read it like a speech, changing the rythm, entonation, stress and sometimes the pronounciation to become the song in a formal discourse.

The audience listening carefully all the speeches.

Lorena: Tramoya oficial del certamen


Anonymous said...

Hey Teacher!
Why did you upload 2 pictures of me in this Blogspot?! Aaaaaaah! Why?!
GRRRRRRRR! ... I'm too shy !

About the celebration of this Wednesday, we didn't according anything, as we are of different Grades ... I don't know I don't think that this Wednesday we made it... I really hope that the Elective bring food to enjoy...

Take Care !

Constanza Flores R., 3rd. F

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry the fact of my absence yesterday at the Celebration in English's Elective. For a family affair, I had to go before the class started... Thank you for this year, the first time that you made "official" classes, and the other times were only for replacements that you did. I hope that the next year forward to be back with you, Dear Teacher, and I would like to be at the end of Elective Celebration. Thank you for teaching me how to polish and refine more, a language that I love.

Thanks for everything !
Take Care !
Blessings to you and your Family.

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