Youth Ambassadors in Arica

Last Wednesday, November 14th, the students from the Elective Class of English participated in an Experience Presentation given by the five Chilean Secondary students who traveled to the United States last January as Youth Ambassadors, an initiative that was organized in Chile for the first time by non-profit organization Partners of the Americas and sponsored by the U.S. State Department.

Andrea Cifuentes Rodríguez from Iquique; Stephanie Dönicke Medina from Punta Arenas; Camilo Muñoz Arias from Teno; Ayleen Vásquez Celta from Arica; and Pablo Valenzuela Navarro from San Bernardo shared for several minutes their experiences in English before students from diferents Liceos and Colegios from Arica.

After the activity the elective class students took conversations in English with some of these travellers, interchanging opinions, ideas and even e-mail addresses.

This experience fullfilled all the expectations that the students of the Elective Class before going there.

Good job biys and girls.


The travellers sharing their experiences

Talking about music

Clarifying doubts and talking good English

Conversation in a high level

From one traveller to another. Great iniciative to talk.

Just fooling around!