Knowing Chile

Watch this video about Chile and make a short review about the following topics.

  • Why do people come to Chile?
  • Favorite Places
  • Food
  • Abundances
  • Investments. Which ones? and Why?
  • People
  • What do people who lived in Chile feel about it?


Anonymous said...

hi how are you well here is my answer:

-tourist are very interested in chile by to much motives

- the main carater of chile are what have many activities to enterteiment ther tourist

-the elements what do a chile a nice place to visit is the food the mountains the beach the snowboard and the other activities

-the tourist have how first reference chile to holidays

-chile is the most important place to visit because have a nice way to enterteiment and that give to tourist a good reason to come

-and finally the toueist love chileby the traditional things what do a chle a special palce bye the safety or by other reason

-the secutity in chile is more tall what their own places and they fell more safe



Anonymous said...

-the tourist come to chile cause is a place what offer a variable place to have fun, how the beach, the mountains, the center of snowboard, and an other places of interest places.

-the beach, the volcans, the snowboard, the surf come to chile cause the want fun.

-the like the corn pie, the salad chilean, the cheese to parmesan, are the favorite food of the tourist what give to chile a special character of a tourist place.

-exist in chile two investement the mineral and the agriculture because have contact with other places and chile is themain exported of all world so by that is important.

-the tourist find a nice place about live to chile and they what live in chile no feel how if was a tourist, they feel what belong to chile and are accepted by everyone in this city.

-how i say before the no fell how a stranger, if dont how they are chilean of blood because the people accept by the culture and learn some new every day.


Anonymous said...

-They are seeking adventure, a country with different fauna and natural heritage, to visit the Andes and sports like surfing.

-The Favorites places arePascua Island, the beaches and the Patagonia

-the favorites foods are oven turnovers, chili salads, seafood corn foot etc.

-In Chile, the agriculture oceans forests and the mountains

-Investments: Tecnological (Telefonica) are because a country with laws and Government of Great and stable development in the economy

-The people are friendly, responsible workers

Anonymous said...

Is a good COuntry for life is quiet and friendly

Marco Zuñiga 4ºE
el de arriba = es mio c me olvido colokr nombre ^^

Anonymous said...

* the tourist come to Chile for his pretty landscapes principally, some landscapes as the mountains, the nature, the austral zone, land of the fire and easter island.

* some of the favorite paces of the tourist are the beach, the snow, Valparaiso and to visit the easter island.

* some of slow sestrait preferred of the tourist or that they like them it are the pies, the cake of maize, fruits, seafood and wine.

* the tourist say that we have galore sea, fruits, minerals, mountains, agriculture,in end Chile has a good nature.

* the great investments that the tourist say is in the economic area, with the agriculture and the copper, also in technological thing since they say that Chile evalving this one.

*the tourist go away gratiful because the chilean people are very nice and splendid, the carabineers is attend will to the tourist, and that here in Chile there werre big persons as Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda, Violeta Parra and Nicanor Parra.

* The people value to his culture and do not discriminate against her, accept it in the society

- Paul Catil
- 4ºB
- electivo 43

Hiiyako said...

Chile is a very visited country . From subjects of businesses to tourism, because has multiple beaches and mountains to ski or to make adventures, besides a varied landscape and natural fauna.

The favorite places for the tourists are the Patagonia, Valle Nevado, Atacama desert, Valle de la Luna, Tierra Del Fuego, Easter Island , Santiago, etc.

The Chilean meals can be mentioned, Oven Turnovers, Chilean salad, Corn pie, seafood, wines and Chilean fruits.

The majors abundances of Chile are the mining, agriculture, the forests and the ocean.

The investments that have occurred in this country are many, from Nissan, Telephone, Rodenstock and cinemas. Due to being a state of right, great development, stable as far as the economic and political part.

People are splendid, very warm, well organized worker and.

And teh people which they live in Chile feels, it like their own country, it's second home, etc.

Katherine Castillo
43 Elective

Anonymous said...

.People come to chile for several reasons. Any of these reasons are for investment, for the sport you can do here, including skiing and natural sites at the beach, mountains, etc.
Also people come to see the flora and fauna of the country

.Places of preference for foreigners are the beaches where the surf pracitca, volcanoes, mountains and forests of Chile where they can see animals in their wild habitat.
Other places are specific santiago, Easter Island, Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica, where it is practiced patagonia trekking, road southern Andes, snowy valley where the sky is practiced and the Atacama Desert.
also find that Chile is a safe and beautiful place to visit

.Foods they like to foreigners are baked empanadas, pastel de choclo, a Chilean salad, seafood, seafood in the Parmesan, fish, fruits, and also the wine and juice

.Say that in Chile there is abundant richness and Andean mountain ranges, green forests, abundant sea, large mining companies and tourism and agriculture due to good weather

.Tourists if they invest in Chile.
some of these investments are telefonica
where Chile was the first Latin American countries in this company have also invested in political affairs, and European products in the movies.
invest in Chile by a rule of law, great development, good standard view of politics, business, and that has high academic professionals

.Say that the people are wonderful, found that Chileans are friendly and make you feel as if at home, say that chile receives with open arms.
a stranger comes to paint the people and recognizes the country as a Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda

.Feel they are not discriminated against, that chileans are very
welcoming,people value to his culture and do not discriminate against her, accept it in the society

elect 43

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