MR HOLLAND'S OPUS: "The Questions" (Cuartos Medios)

1. According to you, give a reason that supports the artistic and musical education at school nowadays.

2. According to a former student (at the end of the movie), what is the real Mr Holland's OPUS? Why the word "opus" is used in the title of the movie?

3. What does the school principal -Mrs Jacobs- mean when she tells Mr Holland that a good teacher not only must teach knlowledge to the students, but also give them a compass?

4. Do you think that Mr Holand was a good father during the movie?
5. How does Cole's deafness interfere in his parents' marriage? ¿How did Mr Holland and his wife react to the stress?

6. According to you, what did it show the incident between Mr Holland and Rowena?

7. Did Mr Holland act properly saying Rowena that she had an outgoing talent and she had to go to New York and follow her dreams?
8. According to you, name the 5 most relevant moments of the film.

Try not to write at the same time you are reading. I'd prefer you print or write the questions, answer them on a paper and then write them in the blog and upload them.


Anonymous said...

1- I think that the musical education is very good because this is useful for the creative of the students and for create some music that they want.
2-The word OPUS is there because at the end of the movie MR HOLLAND make real his dream of play his own OPUS .
3-I dont understand the question
4-I think that in the begining he dont act like a good father but when in the moment that he tell to his son about the dead of John Lenonn and his reaction he begin to act like a really good father
5-I dont remember that part
6-That part shows that a student can fall in love of an adult but also shows that MR HOLLAND is a good husband and he stay with his wife
7-Said that dont was a good decision in the case of she belive that he going to go with her, but in other case was good because he said that she really have a talent
8-When MR HOLLAND decides that he doesnt go with Rowena ,when he teach to the black boy(i dont remember the name sorry)to play an instrument,when all the class (not the movie)look the reaction of the son of MR HOLLAND ,when he defend what he love teach,and finaly the end of the movie the dream come true of MR HOLLAND .

(Sorry about the bad answer but i dont are good in this moment ,(emocionalmente).

Anonymous said...

Francisco Abarca

1.-Well... i gusses that the musical and the artistic educations is good, but ...the musical... i dont liked... the artistic... is good , you can relax of the scohool.
2.-The title of the movie is used as modal of the introduccion of the movie...and the word "OPUS" the life of the Mr Hollands and note musical they are the people that Mr Hollands teach
3.-I dont understand ...but i think..that Mr Hollands teaching the studiens .. and in the parade (Desfile.. parece q esta mal)to realice good job..and the Mrs. Jacob give them a compass to Mr Hollands
4.-During of the movie Mr. Hollands not realice as good father... but leter it he learns of on his son
5.-interfere in the marriage provoking fight betwen the father's... in the momenc the reaction was a great surprise.
6.- the decption and pedohilia.. LOL..mmmm...the love of the teacher and a studient not work never and MR. Hollands he have a wife.
7.-well.. i think is a good idea because one must follw the dreams.. and dont stop thet better they do not continue the dreams.
8.-the death of a student
-the love of rowena
-the problem of Cold in the parade
-the disscutions of eliminate the music of the school
-And the sorprise in the End of the movie

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Eduardo gonzalez ibañez 4 A

1) About this question I think that the education is not only study and study also is culture and creativity all this is the true education , all the topic can form a real student, for his future wich person

2)The world opus mean in spanish "obra", the work that done the teacher was the formation integral of all his students apart of the traditional education , mr Holland want a big musical opus in the movie, but he can to obtain this with all his studente in the long of years wich teacher.
3) this mean that mr. Holland not only must give knolwledge to the student, the work of a teacher is help in all topic to their students, in their life , is their future, worry for them, finally mr. Holland can obtain the compass.
4) In the start of movie no( by the deafness of its son), but when He can understand his son , he do all the posible for obtain the forgive of his son , so he work for help with music and images to the deafness kids,so Cole can forgive him, for all the time of abandonment
5) the deafness was a important obstacle for the relationship of the fathers with their son , but when the mother find to a special school for the deafness kids, start more problems , because Mr. Holland, don`t want this, but the mother insist , because she want "talk" with her son does not matter like,so finally Mr. Holland accept.

6) Rowena represent the dreams of Mr. Holland , but he is a good husband and he supports the temptation of work in music and not in education; his to have and his affection his was with his loved beings, this act demonstrated his integrity.
7) yes because we must to search our dreams ,not the dreams of others person,so in this part of the movie MR Holland was a true compass.
a) When Mr.holland start his new life wich teacher , and in this difficult moments ,his wife said him, that she was pregnant, Mr Holland understand that he need this work as a teacher, so with help of principal jacobs he start little by little to be compass in his class
b) When he can help to mrs Lang and the football boy, he show his true work, but after of that his son born, he an his wife can realize that their son was a deafness kid, and start the problems that are solutions in the special school.
c) Mr Holland ,can`t to adapt to the deafness of his son , and the relationship with his wife not is the better, appears Rowena, she represent all the old dreams of Mr HOLLAND , but he finally can to suportt the temptation, and his was with his family
d)Mr Holland has problems wiht his son , he can understan him, but when they have a discution, mr. Holland can understan the deafness of his son ,so start to work with the deafness kids,for request pardon to him.
e)When mr. Holland can`t teach music in the school, for a money problems , all his studets do a recognition by his work, in a big public act; finally all the students play the american opus of mr. holland , they are the true pous of this teacher... the end

Anonymous said...

1.-the musical education is very important, because it helps the student to relax and to harmonize itself.
2.-the title is mr holland's opus, because he made a great work in his trajectory, he left a great education personal to everybody his students.
3.-he not only must music to the students, he must guide them and help them as a compass and help to the students personally.
4.-first mr. holland wasn't a good father, but when he understood to his son, he converted himself in a very good father. he teached special music for deaf people.
5.-the mother of cole accepts the condition of her son, she searched special school for her son,while mr holland like was musical could not accept that cole is deaf because wanted to teach music to him, but in the end of the film mr holland it accepts the condition of its son and it teaches music to him of a special form.
6.-mr holland enjoyed much to try with rowena, a day Rowena decides to go to New York to study and it asks to him Mr. holland who accompanies it, but Mr. holland felt much affection to his family and rejected the supply.
7.-yes, Mr. holland gave his a very good advice so that she arises and has good opportunities. Mr. Holland guided rowena in this sense very well.
a)mr. Holland enter to the school as music teacher and he isn't accustomed to the students.
b)mr. Holland discovers that his son is deaf.
c)mr. Holland feel a great affection for his students and treat them as his son.
d)mr. Holland comprend to his son and teach him music with images and light.
e)mr. Holland manages to direct his symphony with all his ex--students.

Anonymous said...

1-. now the people like the musical ecation because this way they show her feeling, a think that the people should focusmore in the music and the arts.

2-. was because mrs holland's help many people, he was a great person and this the students neer forget.

3-.she say this becuase mrs. holland's only teaching and he was not how a guide for the students.

4-.he was a good only that he have fear for his son, but in the last change.
5-. was very hard because mr. hollan's want to show the music to his son but cole can not hear, the mother acepts this because she loves to son.
6-.rowena was a temptation for the mr. hollan's ut he choose to his family
7-. Mr Holland's gifts good ecation to her, she undertand ver good all .
8-.a)when mr holland's enter to the school
b) when he is dismiss of the school
c)when he sis for his son (nice).
d)when everybody say goo-bye o Mr. Holland's
e) when he knows to Rowena

Anonymous said...

1.- The artistic and muscical education is need for the Develop of the Creativity, that it's other form of inteligent.

2.- The true Sr. Holland is a person that helped to much students for getting some things,how for example, Scholarships or Simply, he was the compass that showed them the correct path.

I Suppose that the word "Opus" is becuase not only he made a mucial opus, also he made other great opus, a integral education.

3.- That mean, that Sr. Holland Besides of give them knolwledge , also he must teach them that must do in some situations in the life.

4.- I believe that can't Criticize if he was a good father or not becuase anyone teach how be a good father, he didn't know waht do.
be good father is some that learn with the time.

5.- The deafness of the son of the sr. Holland interfere in the relationship with yours Parents because they don't understand the that say, until that they go to a special school for learning to speak with hand signals.

6.- Rowena is a temptation for sr.Holland but he choose to your family.

7.- yes, because he knew that she had a great talent must use it.

8.1)When the Sra Jacobs said to Sr. Hollando that he must be the compass of yours students.

8.2)When born the son of the Sr. Holland.

8.3)When the Sr. hollando had a Discussion with your son about the mean of the music for the son of the Sr. Holland.

8.4)When he choose to your family and not to Rowena.

8.5)When show them your great opus in the school.

Jerzy Quintanata G

Anonymous said...

1) music is something very beautiful, at least for me. It make me feel somethin` very strange. When I hear a song that I like I feel like if I was in a moment and in a place diferent. to study about it should be amazing

2) I think it`s because he was a long time teaching in that school and many guys learned from him much more than a good lesson of music.
3) she wanted to say that he might sow them more than music lessons. he will understand it better when he has his first son and then he will see his students like something else than students
4)yes,I think he was a god father because he always kept hidden (very inside of him) a deception, but then he understand his situation better and becomes in a very, very good father
5)that deafness make separate a bit the marriage because the mother want to do her best for his son , but MR.Holland doesn`t, because he is more worried for his school than his son
6)rowena was a scape for MR. holland and all his troubles with his wife amd his son. Then he would take the right decision
7)I think those were good words to rowena, because those words made her think about it and react,not always taking a right decision, but finally a decision
1) when MR.Hollamd starts to taech in the school and knows that weird world
2)when MR.Holland helps a girl to pay an instrument
3) when he knows his deafness son
4)when he stay with his family and let go rowena
5) when he make a musical show for his son

Anonymous said...

1.-well,I know that the music helps a lot in the studies ,and increments the's very useful.
2.-I'd know that the word opus ( a latin word)means in our language obra ,and i think that the thing that mr holland do is an very long OPUS ,I mean all the time he's teaching to his students was that an opus...(that was very cursi)
3.-I think that she's tryng to say that the teachers must do more than only explain contents to his students,they must be guides from the students.
4.-yep,but first he was a little deceptionated with his son(but he kept this in secretwith all the pain in his heart)(very cursi again)and later he learn to accept that
5.-the deafness of his son make the bonds between mr holland and his wife ,a little shaterred,cause ,mr holland was more worried about for their students that his own son,the mother was a hundred percent opposed to that.
6.-rowena was a big temptation for the poor mister holland XD! but he thought with his head and not with his...heart.
7.-mmm I think that the words mr holland said cause with those words rowena took the rigt decition.
8.- when mr.hollamd starts to teach in the school and knows that's this could be very stupid amd weird
2)when mr holland helps a girl to play an instrument
3)when he decide stay with his family
4)obviously when he make a musical show for his deaf son

Ignacio Soto 4toxc

Anonymous said...

Francisco Flores 4ºA hc

1.-I think that the music can help us to improve our senses and to relax our mind, and this way we will be able to improve our school performances.
2.-The word Opus is at the end of the movie since Mr. Holland manages after a long time to touch his Opus.
3.-I believe that the director says to him that beside teaching them what is the servile music, the debit of compass in order that he guides them.
4. - not, because if out a good father would be more worried by your family.
5.-Mr. Holland feels little bad on having had a deaf son who, according to him, cannot listen to his music, but ultimately , he realizes his mistake. His mother always is with Cole, she understands it.
6.-Mr. Holland rejects Rowena, since he thinks about your family before the temptation.
7.-Las Mr's words. Holland gave the force to Rowena to be able to go to New York to fulfill her dreams of being a singer.
1.-when was born cole.
2.-When he taught him to touch the violin to the girl.
3.-When he rejected Rowena.
4.-When he touched for the deaf young men.
5.-When he became headmaster of the school.

sorry teacher xD!

Anonymous said...

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