Coupling Task 2 (Cuartos Medios)

Read the vocabulary given in class and write about them. Describe where they were said, who said them, why said them and, if it proceeds, give the meaning of them.

  • Interview
  • Nudity projection
  • Giggle-loop
  • Minute silence
  • Appropriate
  • Break up
  • Funeral
  • Date
  • Corp
  • Cremate
  • Face cream
  • Naked




1 Interview: this word is about Jeff, he have a job interview and he is nervius for this.
2 Nudity projection: The friends of Jeff try to help him, but they said parts of the body of a woman, this are duplicate in the brain of Jeff
3 Giggle-loop : Jeff is afraid for this, because this can to ruin his interview(this is a class of sticky laughter) this Giggle-loop appears in all parts in this episode
4 Minute silence : this appears in the funeral of Jane´s aunt( Margaret), the guys are worry for the Giggle-loop, when them can´t maintain this more time , Jane launch the Giggle-loop first.
5 Appropriate: When jane is in the Steve´s house ,she said that her aunt is dead, but Steve don´t said nothing ,so she said that his attitude is not Appropriate
6 Break up : The Jane´s family don´t know that her and Steve no longer were even, so she ask him to pretend be couple yet
7 Funeral : This is the funeral of the Jane´s aunt ( Margaret) , all go to this
8 Date. the guys they arm and disarm pairs to go to the funeral, everything is rare
9 Corp : this is the body of the Jane´s aunt that was coffin.
10 Cremate. the Jane´s aunt want to be cremate and not buried
11 Face cream: Sally ( friend of Patrick, Steve ,Jeff and Jane) think that she is inmortal and young with her face cream and her is afraid of the old people
12 Naked. Jeff see all the people naked thid is his strategy for approach his interview, but when he have the interview, in that room have a big mirror , so he see hiself naked .. End

Anonymous said...

Francisco Flores A. 4ªA

Interview: This word used Jeff because going a work interview.

Nudety Proyection: The friends of jeff use to help it in their interview.

Giggle-loop: It is the laughter that appears in all the episode (specially in the funeral of aunt Margaret).

Minute silence: The minute of silence occurs in the funeral of aunt Margaret of aunt, but is ruined by Jane! .

Appropriate: Jane, the ex- girlfriend of Steve, the used when this, Steve, answer bad to Jane.

Break up: Jane says to yours parents that she finished with Steve.

DAte: When form the different pairs to go to the funeral.

Funeral: This word is used in the funeral of aunt Margaret.

Corp: It is the aunt body Margaret in the funeral.

Cremate: The used the other aunt of Jane, Muriel, in the funeral.

Face Cream: The used the friend of Patrick, Sally. she is cosmetologa(no se como se escribe eso).

Naked: Jeff uses because he sees all people undresses (he imagines them thus)

Anonymous said...

Carla Sánchez B. 4to E

INTERVIEW: Jeff said this to his friend Steve, explaining the things that can happen about ruin it.

NUDITY PROJECTION: Patrick talks about this to Jeff, trying to help him with his job interview.

GIGGLE-LOOP: Jeff said this, and explains it to his friends, Steve and Patrick, like another thing to worry about his interview.

MINUTE SILENCE: Jeff explains that the giggle-loop appears in a solemn ocassion, like a minute silence of someone who's died. The minute silence makes real in Jane's aunt's funeral.

APPROPRIATE: Jane said this to Steve, when he doesn't know what to say about her aunt's death, and he just say: ... shit!

BREAK UP: When Steve calls Jane, she tells him, that her family doesn't know about their separation, so she asks Steve about stay quit with the split up thing.

FUNERAL: Jane tells Steve that her aunt is dead, so she wants him to go with her to the aunt's funeral. The most of the episode goes on here.

DATE: Steve asks Jeff about being her date in Jane's aunt's funeral. Then, Susan asks Patrick to be her date, and Patrick asks Sally.

CORP: The Jane's aunt body in the funeral.

CREMATE: Sally and Patrick talks about the aunt being cremated. In the funeral, Jane's aunt Muriel says it, too.

FACE CREAM: Patrick tells Sally that she can't prevent death with this. Sally use this in huge quantities.

NAKED: Thanks to Patrick, Jeff see all people naked, but at the time that he gets to the interview place, instead of see the panel naked, he sees himself naked.

Francisco Abarca said...

Nudity projection:Appears in the first part of the movie when was Steve when his friendsin the bar.

Giggle-loop:Appears when in the bar the 3 friends was to converse of the topic.

Apropiate:When Jane and Steve they appear speak the two alone in the house.

Break-up:When jane and steve were speaking for the telephone.

Date: It is when Steve was speaking whit your ex-girfriends on the funeral but then sepeaking of a date.

Funeral: Always appears mentioned in the movie.

Corp:In the funeral of the body of the aunt Margaret of the Jane.

Cremate:Goes out in the part in that Jane and the aunt Murial says of cremate the Jane aunt mMrgaret

Face Cream: when Salli was speak whith the alderly.

Interview: In the part of the friend Steve see reflected in the mirrior in the interview.

Minute silence:During the funeral of the aunt of Jane.

Maked:goes out in the part in the bar whin the friend (Patrick) imagine the nake persons.

Anonymous said...

-Interview: this word was used when Jeff is talking with ... about un job interview.

-Nudity projection: The friends of jeff use to help it in their interview.

-Giggle-loop: this word was used when Jeff try of explicate about what is it giggle loop? adn in what moments they happen.

-Minute silence: this is when they are in the funeral of the aunt of Jane and they are worried of the don't to laugh but who laugh first is Jane.

-Apropiate: When Jane and Steve they are speaking in the house.

-Break up: it es when Jane said to yours relatives that she finished your relationship with Steve.

-DATE: It is when Steve was talkin whit your old girfriends in the funeral only of the date.

-Funeral: It is they are in the funeral of the aunt ...

-Corp: It is about the corp of the aunt

-Cremate:the aunt of the Jane wanted that cremate your body when she was death.

-Face cream: one friend of Jeff believe that if she uses a face crean is more young.

-Naked: Jeff imagines to all the people naked.
when he was in the interview have fear because he cant see yourself naked in a mirrow.

Jerzy Quintana G.

Anonymous said...

Interveiw: Was used by jeff in the bar when he spoke about his interview
of a job

nudity projection: the friends of jeff in the bar when he speak about his interveiw

Giggle-loop: i cant remember how said that, i think how was jeff ... it was in the bar and he said it whit a example whit glasses.

Minute of silence: in the funeral, in this minuted we can see the giggle loop.

Apropiate: Jane and steve in the house when theys spoke about what is apropiate or inapropiate

-Break up: when jane tell to his friends that she'll break whit steve.

Date: when steve saw to his ex-grilfriends

Funeral: when jane tell to (i dont remember) that her aunt is dead.

Corp: in the funeral , is the corp of the aunt

Cremate:Is the wich of the jane's aunt, when she was dead.

Face cream: is used by a friend of jane, she is crazy for the aparience and she recomiend to use face cream.

Naked: when jeff imagine to the people of the interveiw naked

xjuanpablox 4F E-33

Camila Gómez. 4ºC said...

Interview: Jeff have a interview, he e is very nervious for this and he begins to imagine things.
Nudity projection: jeff and his friens imagine naked people.
Giggle-loop: this is a small laughter that they have scared that appear in a bad moment.
Minute silence: this is a little moment of silence that es make en the funeral.
Appropriate: this word the tell Jane when Steve talk bad about her aunt.
Break up: is that the family of Jane don't know about Steve
Funeral: this funeral is the Margaret the aunt of Jane.
Date: everybody look for a couple for the funeral, loss couple the others couple
Corp: is the death body of Margaret (Jane's aunt).
Cremate: the corp of Margaret wil be cremate.
Face cream: Sally friend of steve use face cream for be young.
Naked: Jeff in the last, when he was going to give the interview is look naked in the mirror