Task 8: "Warning marks start of Chile's polluted winter"

Argentine Gas Cuts Force Businesses To Use Polluting Fuels(April 19, 2005) The government of the Metropolitan Region lifted its pollution warning Monday, saying the quality of the air had improved since a pre-emergency was declared the day before.

But this warning could be the first of many this year, as Argentine gas cuts force more companies to use less environmentally friendly fuels.

The state of pre-emergency was announced Sunday morning after the Air Particle Quality Index (ICAP) registered critical levels of pollution at the monitoring station in Pudahuel. Traffic restrictions were imposed and factories were ordered to halt production.

These measures, combined with the usual decrease in emissions caused by traffic and factories during the weekend, caused ICAP figures to fall by one-third by Monday.

“(Sunday’s) ICAP reading signals a change in the atmosphere that happened quicker than expected. This meant businesses could start up again,” said Ximena Rincón, governor of the Metropolitan Region.

But even though the state of pre-emergency was revoked, air quality is expected to get worse in the capital in the coming days and months, resulting in high levels of smog in Santiago.

With winter on the horizon, gas shortages caused by Argentine cuts are becoming a greater problem for Chile’s fuel-consuming businesses.

“Predictions for this year have not been fulfilled because of the energy crisis,” Rincón admitted.

Executives have been forced to seek cheaper types of fuel after Finance Minister Nicolás Eyzaguirre rejected a bid for subsidies made by businesses affected by gas shortages (ST, March 11). But this will have repercussions on the environment because the alternate fuels emit the most fine and harmful polluting particles, known as PM2.5. Environmentalist Dep.

Guido Girardi from the Party for Democracy (PPD) predicts this winter will be one of the most polluted ever because companies will continue to use petrol instead of natural gas.“There is no way this can be resolved. Pollution will not be tackled until it gets a lot worse than it is now,” he said.

The weather has also played a part in the poor air quality. According to Chile’s Meteorological Directorate, the recent lack of wind will continue at least until Wednesday. Meteorologist Patricio Urra said that during the next weeks, there will not be climatic shift bringing windy weather. “At this time, we don’t have a weather front coming from the coast, which is what we need for better air quality,” he said.

The air quality in Santiago is already worse than predicted, according to reports from the Santiago offices of the National Environmental Commission (CONAMA RM). CONAMA RM Director Pablo Badenier said pollution will get worse toward the middle of the week, but he assured that the authorities were right to withdraw the state of pre-emergency Monday.

“Our team believes that on Wednesday the air conditions are going to get worse because there are always more emissions during the week. We will keep an eye on conditions next week by constantly monitoring the ICAP,” Badenier said.

Critics say that CONAMA RM is not taking the necessary measures to avoid Saturday’s critical levels of pollution. In response, Badenier said it is always difficult to foresee the first states of pre-emergency each year as weather conditions are not always stable, making it difficult to predict when high particle accounts will occur.

“We can’t always be certain our predictions are correct. We weren’t capable of predicting the very bad air conditions on Saturday,” Badenier said.Dep. Girardi, who is a physician, is trying to make La Moneda aware that their current pollution policy will benefit no one.

“Loosening restrictions on emissions, as the government plans to, will create a greater health risk for children with bronchitis and cause cancer and heart attacks in adults,” he said.

Girardi proposes that the government offer tax breaks as an incentive to companies who are prepared to invest money in reducing emissions. He also suggests that companies with the worst pollution records should be moved out of the capital and that PM2.5 particle emissions should be monitored daily.

Article taken from: http://www.tcgnews.com/santiagotimes/index.php?nav=story&story_id=8849&topic_id=1

1. What do you think about the pollution in Santiago?
2. Why the pollution is harder year after year?
3. What could you do if the government asked you some help to solve this problem?

DEADLINE: Sunday, May 20th.


eduardo gonzalez 3"A" said...

hello teacher
1) I think that the pollution in Santigo is bad , because it very seriously affects to environment and the people
2)this is , because the measures are not taken from protection and every time congestion is more to vehicular and so that in Santiago there is no good ventilation.
3)I ADJUSTMENT the problem looking for new clean power plants and extending the meter thus to diminish congestion to vehicular.

maría de los ángeles leiva 3ºD said...

Hi teacher: (o_0)
x-xIn my opinion this theme is very important because pollution isn't only bad, also it causes diseases in children and old people. It is so many pollution in the R.M. that we can't see the sky if we're in Santiago. There is that to finish with pollution around the world.
*-*The pollution is harder every year because as the article say the companies use polluting gases pollutants. The people that burn garbage and vehicles. The wind doesn't help in nothing.
^-^ A solution that I would give
is that the Santiago's people would live in others cities.
This all. Bye...
María Leiva 3ºD

Anonymous said...


1. I think that the pollution is very detrimental for the people that live in Santiago because with it,the respiratory diseases arrive & this affects too,to the environment.

2.Because the persons don't think that in fact,it is a big problem & sometimes the people don't do anything for to repair the problem
of the pollution.

3.To create some ideas for to correct the pollution in Santiago,but to practice the ideas. For example to give flyers with information about the pollution & to control the companies.

Camila gómez ..3ºg said...

hi ...

1. - Santiago atmosphere is very bad, because the air is polluted, one cannot breathe well and because of that many people can make sick.

2. - because same people that live there contaminate everything, burning things, factories, cars, etc.

3. - I don't believe that I can make a lot but the air would improve if Santiago has sea.

bye professor

Ivannia Rivera 3ºa said...

HellO tEachEr =)

1.Mmm... I believe that the pollution in Santiago, is very bad for the atmosphere and not only that, also is very disquieting by the health of the people, specially the children and people of the third age.

2.Lamentably it is thus every years, Being that every year is worse. I believe that this is an abuse of the men on its resources and sources.

3.I would promote at national level a plan on promoting the understanding of the present environmental problems and to prevent them to future.

GoOd byE ! n__n

CARLA TAPIA 3ºB said...

1 -. I think that the quality of the air in Santiago is evil due to the great concentration of mass that the centralization of the country is produces by although not this demas to emphasize the veneficios that gives the city. 2 -. owed al growth of the large industries that alone they think about being filled the volsillos of money and not in their health.
3 -. I think that the measures that are applying are well and that themselves podria to do nothing but because Santiago this in an oyo.
good bye!

shirley said...

1-I believe that the pollution of santiago is harmful because it(he,she) concerns the health of the citizens provoking diverse diseases
2 - be mas difficult year after year since the purchase of cars has increased notably the evil climate and the inaguracion of companies and not to had a good managing to be able to control the pollution that every day increases mas without any detention
3-I aumentaria the number of not catalytic cars better supervisaria to the contaminating companies major pondria exigency to the moment to accept projects that they affect in the climate.

rodrigo calle 3"A" said...

1.-I think that the contamination in Santiago is of extreme worrisome precaution and that can affect to all people including children who are affected and I think that the state would have to invest money to diminish the contamination in Santiago and that the polluting companies and others more, would have to also worry.
2.-they grow because of new the company that every year is more leaving more and, worrying only about them without worrying of which they cause. this would have to improve otherwise this will grow more and more.
- first it would be to create fines for the polluting companies.
- more money in projects would invest to solve this.
- to bring specialized personnel to treat the subject
- and it would worry me that people worried to make case to the laws already impuestas.además to put firm hand in this and to punish the violation of these laws.

ninoska acuña 3ºb said...

1. I think that the pollution in Santiago is a serious problem and then also generate much sickness to the population as breathing problems but they take measures.
2. The pollution is each you see but strong because each you see there is less conscience there is but companies, more cars, among other.
3. Anything because all that is made doesn't work and that that is proposed by professionals and when they take measures they are not respected by people.

edison mella 3a said...

1.I think that the contamination in Santiago is very bad for the health of the children and in general of the people.
2.this is because the measures of precaution in Santiago are very bad and because the people do not respect them nor fulfill them, also because in Santiago are more and more vehicles and there is no a good ventilation.
3.that the companies fulfill the norms and they do not contaminate, clean electrical power stations and the extension of the meter to diminish congestion to vehicular.

Paúl Ibañez 3ºB said...

1- that it is a serious problem that always this repeating itself I decide to me once a technician of soccer of Paraguay seems said that the parties debian to gamble in regions so that the quality of air in Santiago was malisima to practice sport

2- so that every year there is little conscience of the damage that causes this contamination

3 believe that the measures are adapted but they are due to respect but because often they are not fulfilled good good bye profe!

franco stuardo said...

hello teacher:
1.- the contamination of Santiago this every bad time and of which, Santiago is the contaminated city but of the world and that leaves us bad to our country.
2.- I believe that the people of Santiago do not occur to account of it damage that becomes when breathing that contaminated air in which every year the air contaminates every day
3.- the first serious thing that the government puts silver less so that the air of contaminated Santiago this and better.

ignacio Soto said...

1.-I think that the contamination in santiago is very dangerous for th life from his habitants,the flora and the fauna.
2.-because the country is very full of industries and there are any industry anti-polution.
3.-the gobernment must be construct anti-polluting factories and tell to the people how can help to errradicate this big problem from the roots

Anonymous said...

1.- el aire de Santiago ha estado muy malo, pero gracias a las lluvias esto puede mejorar.

2.- yo creo que la gente de Santiago por más que no quiera contaminar el medio ambiente igual lo hace y eso va de mal en peor.

3.- si pudiera dar una ayuda al gobierno haria que todos ocupen gas natural, pero esto es imposibles de hacerlo.

camila gomez said...

Santiago air has been very bad, but thanks to the rains this can improve.

I believe that Santiago people no matter how much he/she doesn't want to contaminate the same environment he/she makes it and that goes of bad in worse.

if she could help the government he/she would make that all occupy natural gas, but this is impossible to make it.


Francisco Abarca 3añoB said...

1) At the moment the contamination in Santiago to reached indices too many stops, to carrying to bad quality of health q the people colapsan the center of emergencies and the people in charge of these are the companies, the automobiles and the main person in charge is the government because not him ah taken greater importance.
2) Of the reasons she is that super Intendance tapeworm high knowledge of the index of contamination and him volume subject spear q the contamination did not obtain its greater index of risk, others of the reasons is by the companies, as well as the automobiles due to q the metropolitan region contains too much population.
3) A restriction to the industries could to him that contribute with their contamination of their machineries, would continue the automobile restriction, would stimulate the use of the bicycle, would put restriction to the acoustic contamination because to sight increased in this I complete year, and for this it would try to attend part to people q occupies to the horns without a been worth aim, and Aryan a registry of measurement of decibeles in the companies

Francisco Flores A 3°A said...

1)I think that the contamination is bad because it damages to people and the small children
2)I think that is because santiago have many cars its contaminate the air
3)I say that should make once time "the day of not contamination in santiago" and they will not travel this day in the cars

Daniel Albornoz 3°D said...

i think that the pollution in santiago is very bad cause will bring so much diseases to the people that live in santiago. the pollution in santiago is harder year after year cause the companies are using the petrol instead the gas and the petrol contaminate more than the gas. i think that we can help changeing the petrol for the gas.

Daniel Albornoz 3°D said...

i think that the pollution in santiago is very bad cause will bring so much diseases to the people that live in santiago. the pollution in santiago is harder year after year cause the companies are using the petrol instead the gas and the petrol contaminate more than the gas. i think that we can help changing the petrol for the gas.

Jerzy Q. said...

1.the pollution in Santiago is day to day killing of any form to the peoples: como con the cardiacos problems.

2.because Santiago is in a hoyo and no llega la brisa marina de la costa for mover the smoking.

3. I don`t

Melissa arellano 3ºD said...

hi! teacher
1. - I think that that is a problem that has been existing for a long time and to this height they take importance him, and is something burdens.
2. - so that every time continues growing and we as people we did not help in anything
3. - to this height nothing can be made to help the climate of Santiago

Anonymous said...

Claudia Berrios 3ºG
1º Good the contamination of Santiago must to the negligences of the same people who inhabit this city… by the cigarette you make etc… I think that if a problem did not neglect tnto nonserious this.

2º because they must hold those you lock up of toxic clouds. And I who I am asthmatic it does not last much in Santiago.

3ºhelp I to that people left of lao a little the tobacco

Anonymous said...

Carla Sánchez, 3ºE.

1. Well, I lived my whole life in Santiago and I was exposed to the diseases that the pollution causes, but I never got sick, I was pretty used to it actually. That’s why when somebody asks me, what I think about Santiago’s pollution, I say that it doesn’t bother me. But, I also know that for other people it’s a thing that they can’t stand anymore.
2. The reason of that is that the city doesn’t have “ventilation”; it’s like a real hole. So, the car’s pollution, and the others, doesn’t go, just stays.
3. If the government would ask some help, the whole city could contribute, going to their jobs on foot or anything else. I would do that. It’s the use of the car a serious problem!

Paúl Ibañez 3B said...

1 - I think that it is a serious problem that for a long time single occurs to nondefinitive solutions at the moment but 2-I believe that the people of Santiago do not become aware serious on to her problem 3_I believe that seguiria with the same measures but that were but demanding in fulfilling them

marco iglesias 3b said...

1. what I think is that they deberian to devise a new system to avoid smog and the contamination in Santiago 2. so that the atmosphere in where is the city this contaminated 3. them already diria that is that they could extended but the industries hasia near places but of the coasts.

Andres Opazo said...

1-The contamination is bad because it´s danger to the people
2-I think that is because the people are acostumbradas to use the cars when they can walk or use a bicycle.
3-i suggest to the people don´t depending so much on the cars and they start to walk