Task 5: "Acne"

Serious skin conditions affect around seven million of people in the UK alone.
They can cause significant emotional distress as well as physical discomfort.

What is it?

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition that causes spots.
Spots result from the build up of dead skin cells and grease that block the pores or hair follicles, typically on the face, upper arms, upper back and chest.

It is not contagious and is nothing to do with not being clean.
Hormonal changes, such as those related to puberty, menstruation and pregnancy, can contribute to acne.
Some medicines will also make it worse, including some contraceptive pills and steroids.

Who gets it?
Most people experience acne at some time in their lives, typically as young adults. Girls tend to develop it slightly earlier than boys - around the ages of 14-17 compared to 16-19 years, respectively.
Acne can occur later in life. Around five per cent of women and one per cent of men aged 25-40 continue to have acne after adolescence.

What are the symptoms?
As the pores of the skin become blocked, blackheads develop and small, tender, red spots appear. These can turn into pimples or whiteheads filled with pus.

What is the outlook?
Usually it is a mild condition, most commonly during young adulthood, and will resolve by itself. But for 15% of people it is severe.
The spots can become infected and cause significant scarring, particularly if they are scratched or squeezed.

How can it be treated?
Mild acne does not need treating as each inflamed spot will eventually heal. Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water will help keep the skin healthy.
Keeping spot-prone areas clean by washing the affected area twice daily with an unperfumed cleanser can help. However, excessive washing and scrubbing of the skin will not help and may make the inflammation worse.

More severe acne may need treatment. The aim is to clear the spots and prevent scarring.
Treatments work by either unblocking blocked pores, reducing the amount of grease or sebum made by the skin, reducing the inflammation or fighting the bacterium that infects the lesions.
Creams, gels and lotions that can be applied to the skin are available to buy at pharmacies without a prescription. These usually contain antibacterial agents such as benzoyl peroxide, which also works by drying out the skin and encouraging it to shed the surface layer of dead skin.

There are several more potent oral tablets that can be prescribed by a doctor if the acne persists.

Make-up can be used to cover blemishes but heavy use of concealer may make acne worse.
Any scarring will improve with time. Laser therapy, chemical peels, dermabrasion and other treatments have been suggested for acne scarring.

Acne can be extremely distressing and it is important to seek help if you are anxious or depressed about it.

Article downloaded from http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/medical_notes/4791176.stm

1. What do you think about the article?
2. Did you know something about the acne?
3. What do you do to fight against acne?
4. Write a list of 10 to 15 new words found in the text.

DEADELINE: April 21th, 2006, midnight.


Paul Ibañez 3ro B said...

1-I think that it is a subject that treats is this basico age
2- that salia is certain age, so that they appear
4- squeezed peroxidizes distressing unperfumed typically pregnancy follicles encouraging blemishes distress

sion**--- said...

hello teacher very interesting your articule .......---


maximus_of_chaos said...

1-I think it is ugly and not agradable to see
2-No, i don't know nothing about this
3-To do diet and don't touch my face
4-squeezed peroxidizes distressing unperfumed typically pregnancy follicles encouraging blemishes distress scarring

Miguel Guerra 3°D

Francisco Flores A. 3°A said...

I think that the article is very important about of to care us face

i didn't now nothing of the acne

I don't make something for fighting against acne

whiteheads,squeezed,encouraging,unperfumed,benzoyl peroxide,blemishes

edison mella 3a said...

i think that the article its very interestig because the acne is a problem that it affects us to all.
I really do not have idea,but I deal with not eating chocolates and those things.
skin unblocking
slightly such
mild benzoyl
squeezed encouraging
however layer
scrubbing blemishes

Andres Opazo 3°D said...

I think the article are interesting because are based in a very dificult problem of the people

I don't now much about the acne

I don't do nothing to fight against the acne

1-distress 2-spots 3-earlier 4-pimples 5-mild 6-adulthood
7-squeezed 8-scrubbing 9-aim 10-benzoyl peroxide


sebastian arriagada 3°D said...

the article is important for the people with that problem...
really this is a help for they...
all...that is my opinion...
about the acne...i know that....because my face hace that problem but a bit.....now i know more about the acne...
i have some soap...specially for the face and the acne...this help me in my problem...i drink water in all day because this is good...this help...
this are the new word for my....
follicles, pregnancy, slightly, develop, whiteheads, squeezed.
scrubbing, reatment, blemishes, dermabrasion...
that is all....bye...teacher...
see ya!!!!!

sebastian arriagaga..

leslie sotomayor 3°D said...

hi teacher:
is son interesting because in this age is very important to take care of the face...
no... because i not have this problem...
nothing because i not have acne...

skin,pregnancy, slightly, blackheads,scrubbing, distressing, squeezed, upper, dermabrasion, develop, whiteheads.

bye teacher. see you

María de los Ángeles Leiva 3°D said...

Hi teacher: It isn't so interesting this article for me. Only I knew that the acne leave in the face and is a very ugly, jeje.
I think that there is that to use products for the treatment of acne and no to oprime because can get cancer.
-slightly -develop -blackheads -whiteheads -adulthood -scratched -blemishes -squeezed -scrubbing -reatment.
Bye bye... d=D

Marceloooooooo!!!!!! said...

its good read about this thing and brak some mites about them.
In this age are so much coemnts about that, a lot of medicines and somethings like that.
I use (was using)a cleaner cream but i don't have it now.

words: spots, being, such, slightly, occur, develop, tender, mild, adulthood, scratched, squeezed, heal, blemishes, concealer, dermabrasion.

Marceloooooooo!!!!!! said...

marcelo valverde 3ºe

Eduardo gonzalez 3"A" said...

hello teacher.

1.- first, I think that this article is very good, because is important this information for the teen.
2.-second, I do not know much into this subject, in fact almost nothing.
3.-third, yes, I fight a little agains the acne, I do not eat chocolate
4.-the new words for me:

Rodrigo Calle 3° "A" said...

1. this article is very interesting, because this affects to many young people in special in this stage of the life(15-19 ages)
2. I knew little on the acné, but this article show much on this subject
3. I wash me the face and and treatment of not eating many candies and chocolates.
4. slightly; occur; blocked; need; plenty; prone; amount; benzoyl; peroxide; cover; blemishes; concealer; distressing; seek; anxious.

Francisco Abarca 3ºB said...

1)el I articulate is very good is interesting but I have a doubt the acne can be transmitted by the cutaneous contact of them hand?
2)single nonwise that the acne power to be by the cleaning, I did not think that some to have the expensive cleaning not to leave acne to him
3) single I wash to the face all the mornings and treatment of not eating things with fat or something asi seemed
4)blackheads, whiteheads, unperfumed, Bate, squeezed, follicles, pregnancy, scrubbing, washing,unblocking blocked

camila gomez 3g said...

1-the article it is good because he speaks of what passes in the adolescence

2-if because I have seen what happens and I see news the acne

3-I use you cremate or things this way, I take care a little.

4- benzoyl, sebum, unperfumed, whiteheads, adulthood, distressing; seek,pimples, blackheads, follicles, pregnancy,
scrubbing, reatment

ninoska acuña 3ºb said...

1. important article for my, because is of my interest, also to mi it happens to me and very interesting know what affect to a lot persons.
2. I not know anything new in the text to exception of what affect lot persons, because know the treatment.
3. it affect my for that reasons, creams and soap use what are part of one treatment.
4. whiteheads—unperfumed—sebum—benzoyl—uk

carla tapia said...

1 -. that is very interesting due to that any person can pass her. 2 -. if and before already abia had iformación.
3-. to aahoraa I have not done anything.

Daniel Albornoz 3°D said...

I think that this article is very interesting because help us to learn more about the acne , it´s causes, consequenses and teatraments. I didn´t know so much about the acne and i learn more whit this article. I think that all we should do is eat less mayonaise, ketchup, and fritters for fight against the acne.
spots, follicles, upper arms, upper back, chest, slightly, pimples, mild, scrubbing, worse, dermabrasion.

bye teacher

marco iglesias 3b said...

what I think of I articulate is that it is good for the people who can have acne or another thing in the face, in fact nonwise nothing on the acne until aora, I at the moment I do not have acne nor anything but not if me saldra but ahead

Jerzy Q. said...

I think of articulate is interesant because for people with acne now save because happen this.


me wash the face with soap of face.

-chemical peels

shirley said...

1the articule is important because the people it reports of the acne it can fight like
2yes because the acne it becomes an acquaintance by the advertising.
3 to use creams and soaps
4splenty,skin occur,layer,benzoil,healthy,drinking,scarring,prone,howevet,cleanser,srull

ignacio soto said...

1)i think that this article is very important because this theme is very important for the teen agers

2)the acne is the most unuseful thing on all the world.
3)with creams and special soap
4)spot-prone areas

see ya!!