TASK 2: Cuartos: ADVICES

The four groups created in class (Freaky, Lazy, Spooky and Stinky) must send their respective advices.

In both, you'll have to write first the problem and then the advice or suggestion.
The best, I mean, the most complete and interesting advice will get the 7,0.




Anonymous said...

You're wrong!


And Finally, * FOXY

Constanza Flores R, 4th. 'E'

Anonymous said...

hello teacher

you could give us a little of time for this task of the blog???????

we have much to study!!!!


Anonymous said...

What I know, about this blog, it's for make task for our own qualifications, not for insulting in a manner not very transparent, using nicknames.

Thanks Teacher.

Constanza Flores R., 4th. 'E'

Anonymous said...

Well, continue with the task...

- Alonso Chang; 4th. B.
- Martín Cornejo; 4th. B.
- Stephanie Tobar; 4th. D
- Constanza Flores; 4th. E
- Carolina Muñoz; 4th. E
- Evelyn Robles; 4th. E

* The Problem presented by the other Group 'CRAZY' was: 'My friend has to buy a bicycle, because he broken the bicycle of his friend. Also he doesn't work and he needs to get a job to fix it or buy a new bicycle to his friend, but the big problem is that he doesn't tell to his friend that he broken it...

* Our Advice to 'THE CRAZY' is: You have to telling the truth to your friend and ask for a time to you get a job and collect the necesary money to fix it.

*THE GIRL IN THE VIDEO said that She needs a boyfriend to kiss, hug, to be more than just her boyfriend, she wants a partner, a friend to listen and understand her...

* Our Advice 'to the girl in the Video' is: You should to wait for the love, calm down because you maybe be with the wrong guy. Go out, have fun and meet people. Don't think just in that (love) and worry about yourself. Enjoy your life!

Anonymous said...

HI there!
we are the Freaky team, and these are our advices...-

1.- The problem presented by the group "Foxy" was, some like this..:D

"my brother left home without a blazer (overcoat) on a cloudy day."

Our advice for Foxy team:
" He should come back to his home, and pick up a wsweater or something like that. But in the way at home, he should buy a cup of coffee to warm his body and doesn't catch a cold. =)


Anonymous said...

2.-At the desesperate bachelor girl.
Girl in the video said that she wants somebody who love her by she is, not her appearance, someone who care of her, who kiss her.. More than a friend someone who understand and love her.

Our advice for the girl :
"If you want to be with a person who loves you, who understand you, etc. You should love you first. You
could beggin focuse in your goals. You can meete people signing in voluntary services for help people, signing in some extreme sports like kahiak, surf, karate, snowboard, etc. And who knows, maybe you'll find the person for you. Interact with people make you'll distract, and you dont't* obsses for find someone, because everyone will see you desesperation..and that is not atractive for anybody.!

Nicole Abarca 4ºA
Stephanie Contreras 4ºA
Marco Avendaño 4ºA
Lorena Sanchez 4ºE
Ornella Sepúlveda 4ºD
Mariana Lumino 4ºC

The Freakiess :P

Anonymous said...

1. the problem that gave us the other group was a girl who went to the hairdresser and cut her hair a lot and it dont liked.

And the advice that we will give them is that she should do the next: go to the hairdresser and to put her extensions of hair according their tone.
Or the other advice is that she should adapt her cut and and appropriate to their style or she could to wait for that grow and have a new cut.

2.The girl in the video wants a man that he listen her, she is weary to expect a man ideal for she...

We believe that it should be more social life and not to search "the prince blue" and learn more of the exterior, go to new places that she dont know anybody and converse or have new friends, to know more people for who they are and not for she think about the men.

By *CRazY*

Carolina Soza
and I dont remember

Anonymous said...

I am a integrant of the group of "freakies".
My name is
Cristian Carvajal 4ºB

see you

Post data:
Who is "tio pelao" ??

Anonymous said...

we are the crazy

Scott Escobar 4ºA
Julieth Lazcano 4ºA
Macarena Mamani 4ºA
Melba Challapa 4ºB
Carolina Soza4ºB
Alfonso Pinto 4ºE
Nelson Figueroa 4ºE
Miguel Guerra 4ºE
Antonella Rojas 4ºE?
Yeniffer Baime 4ºF
Brigitte Rea 4ºF
Ayleen Villca 4ºF

Anonymous said...


Could you give us more time to deliver our work of the Recipes (UNIT: FOOD & COOKING) on Video? We need to rehearse the pronunciation, as the last class we weren't revised group by group, plus to delivering a excelent job.

Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase?. WE NEED IT !

See ya in class,
Bye !

Miss Flowers, 4th. E