Latinoamerican Fair and English Electivers

These are some of the students of the Elective Class who participated in the Latinoamerican Fair 2007 at Liceo Domingo Santa Maria. Their stands and the information of each country were worked, studied and shown with high quality.
Congratulations boys and girls... this was your last activity and you did great.


Anonymous said...

sorry but i lost the quiestons and i borrow the account of blogger sorry but i promes do all posible rspect of notes

eduardo varas

Anonymous said...

weeeenaa, es la primera vez que veo estas fotos, chiiii !!! ya arto tiempo ha pasado desde esas muestras. bonitos momentos que se extrañan, que seria rico volver a pasar.
mi nombre es anonimo anonimato del anonimato completo jajaja lol !!

Jerzy Quintana G.

saludos teacher michael.